Mentoring is a relational ministry in which one person empowers another with God given resources. The mentor offers encouragement, support, skills and resources so that the mentoree can grow as a person walking with Christ. The goal of mentoring is to help the mentoree reach their God-given potential as a person and as a skilled leader.

The term 'mentor' comes from Homer's Odyssey. When Odysseus was away fighting the Trojans, he left his son Telemachus in the care of a servant called 'Mentor'. Mentor's job was to teach the young prince of Ithaca all the skills he would need to succeed his father Odysseus one day as King. No doubt that involved things like discus throwing, javelin sharpening and sailing! Mentor's goal in all of this was that the young man would grow to be an excellent King. Of course Mentor would have been aware that his young protege would be his master one day, so his main tool would have been influence, not formal power.


Under our mentoring model, we enter a covenant for twelve months. This sets out relational and practical matters like confidentiality and costs. We usually covenant for six 2-3 hour mentoring meetings each year (but sometimes ten 90 minute meetings), with a possibility of one additional mentoring session, if needed, at no extra charge. In the second last session each year we discuss whether mentor and mentoree both feel settled about continuing on for a further year.

If you are interested in exploring mentoring ministry, please ask us for a prospectus. We would also be happy to meet with you in person or by Skype to explore the possibilities of a mentoring relationship.

Mentoring for Christian Leaders

We can offer you 'mentoring' as you develop as a Christian leader as well as supporting your effective practice.

Equipping Mentors

As well as the option of 'mentoring' and 'supervision', we partner in a three year training program of mentor equipping.

Professional Supervision for Mentors

We also offer professional supervision for mentors.