Peter Moore works alongside Sally Jones, Kathy Notley, Kylie Brown, Jane Halliday and Barbara Podmore in offering the John Mark Ministries three year mentor equipping training program.

The program was originally developed by Rev Les Scarborough of John Mark Ministries and it has been more recently updated and improved by Tim Dyer of John Mark Extension and Peter Moore and Sally Jones of MEQ, Sydney. Now it is offered in an accredited and non accredited form.


The program has ten objectives.

  • To internalise a vision for mentoring others into ministry, leadership and maturity.
  • To develop an understanding of the Biblical basis and theology of mentoring.
  • To engage personal spiritual formation as a leader and mentor.
  • To relate with integrity within the dynamics of a mentoring relationship.
  • To acquire and refine the interpersonal skills essential in mentoring.
  • To implement a 1 year model of mentoring with 2-5 mentorees.
  • To collate and develop personal, leadership and ministry resources for use in mentoring.
  • To complete the action-reflection learning assignments in mentoring.
  • To allow mentoring to be shaped under supervision.
  • To cultivate a sustainable personal style and ministry of mentoring.

    Each year of the program involves three workshops: a three day residential workshop, and two single days. The course focus is on providing a practical and powerful model of mentoring.

    If you are interested in exploring mentor equipping, visit the current list of courses commencing in the next 12 months. Peter would also be happy to meet with you by Zoom to explore the possibilities.

    Let us know if we can help you! Or email Peter for a brochure

    Mentoring for Christian Leaders

    We can offer you 'mentoring' as you develop as a Christian leader as well as supporting your effective practice.

    Equipping Mentors

    As well as the option of 'mentoring' and 'supervision', we partner in a three year training program of mentor equipping.